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On 07 OCTOBER 2023, Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group based in the Gaza Strip, began a devastating and coordinated attack that shook southern and central Israel. The attack began at approximately 06:30AM when Hamas launched a massive rocket barrage targeting civilian areas. Simultaneously, the terrorists initiated infiltration operations, breaching the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip. This brazen assault led to violent confrontations with Israeli residents, law enforcement, and the Israel Defense Forces.
The consequences of this attack are ongoing. As of the most recent estimates, over 1,400 Israelis have lost their lives, and approximately 7,771 others have been wounded, marking one of the deadliest acts of terror in recent history. In addition to casualties, there were at least 242 hostages taken by the terror organization, 30 of whom were children. Since then, 114 hostages have been released, and 139 hostages are still in Hamas captivity. This shocking event has left a profound impact on the nation, with families mourning the loss of their loved ones and communities grappling with how to respond. At the same time, Hizballah terror organization started to attack the north border villages and more than 15 communities from Matte Asher had to evacuate from their home.
The Partnership communities relationship got even stronger while the all-Jewish world is standing next to each other. you are welcome to watch all the meetings and efforts made in our partnership since the beginning of the war. 

Hundreds of thousands of participants in Rally in Washington, DC is supporting Israel and crying to the heavens to "BRING THEM HOME!", to return the hostages.
Lots of representation of our 17 communities

solidarity events all over our communities, raising money for Israel and specific needs of the Western Galilee area, and sharing the thoughts and feelings in a zoom event of the Partnership.

Some Israelis volunteers and organizations at the Western Galilee filmed themselves and wanted to tell you how it feels. you are welcome to watch the videos here:

Doctors volunteering in Israel!
Since the beginning of the war in Israel, at least 4 doctors from our communities have come to volunteer at the Galilee Medical Center, Naharyia.
They left their families and jobs, in order to do their part for the Jewish people and Israel.
Dr Louis M. Profeta- Indianapolis, Dr Assaf Shemesh-Budapest, Dr Jonathan Beyer - South Bend, Dr Jonathan Saxe- Indianapolis.
Our dear volunteers of the Partnership are making sure that they feel at home, inviting them for Shabbat dinners and more

אירוח רופאים ארוחת ערב טוני.jpeg

Thank to our patnership communities More than 100 computers to children in Akko, games for kids of Matte Asher that had to leave their homes, tactic equpiment for Matte Asher security forces, donations for the Galilee medical center and more..!

Many have asked what life looks like in our region in Israel these days?

Here is a glimpse:

This video is a result of the strong realtionship and coopration between Matte Asher community center , the Matte Asher Conservatory and our Partnership.

Watch the clip dedicated to the memory of the victims of the war from our region, a song which describes the reality here.

"אין לי ארץ אחרת, גם אם אדמתי בוערת..."

"I have no other country, though it is burning..."

Efrat continues with her initiative  of preparing homemade cookies - a special recipe of Partnership Canton volunteer, Martha Lottman z"l for IDF soldiers in Gaza.
if you wish to send more letters, please scan and send them to Efrat's email address:
Watch the beautiful letters that we have received from all the Partnership communities:

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