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HealthTech & Healthcare Innovation Seminar

The Galilee Medical Center:

  • 6 miles from Israel's border with Lebanon and sole major medical center of the Galilee serving the 660,000 diverse residents of the northwest part of  Israel as well as the main treatment point for Israel's Northern Military Command and for UN peacekeeping forces in the region;

  • 732 bed general government academic hospital and 450 additional beds in the Underground Emergency Hospital;

  • 8 operating rooms protected from conventional and non-conventional warfare;

  • Fully Protected Emergency Room, Trauma and Intensive Care Units;

  • 69 departments and specialty units;

  • Academic and Teaching Facility - Main clinical training center for Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Bar Ilan University offering; international programs for medical students, Internships, Residency Tracks and Fellowships;

  • Medical Research Institute; Medical Simulation Center and Innovation Program

  • Staff and patients reflect the multi-ethnic citizenry of the region: Jews, Christians, Muslim and Druze;

  • Treated over 3200 seriously wounded Syrian casualties from 2013-2018, one-third of them women and children under the age of 18;

  • Emergency procedures are drilled frequently with the Israeli Defense Forces and first responder organizations;

  • Remained fully functional, despite being targeted for 34 days and sustaining a direct hit in the 2006 Second Lebanon War, and treated 1,872 casualties.


Welcome – Opening Remarks. Lectures on: The GMC Innovation Program; The Spirit of the Startup Nation; Major Trends in Health-Tech in Israel and Globally; Workshop - Building an Innovation Strategy, tools for identifying needs and solutions. Dinner – Social Event (Galilee winery).


Clinical Track: Rounds, clinics, procedures with GMC departmental counterparts; Lectures on: The Western Galilee Region - Challenges and Opportunities in Innovation and Tech; Innovation Strategy – the Israeli Ecosystem, what does innovation look like in health organizations in Israel? Tour of GMC; Round Table Discussion, GMC Innovation Program and the Process. Free Evening


Clinical Track: Rounds, clinics, procedures with GMC departmental counterparts; Lecture: From Unmet Need to the Company – a Successful Medical Entrepreneur; Dynamic Innovation Workshop. Certificate ceremony. Free Evening.


Tour of Accelerator/Incubator in Digital Health.

 Festive Partnership2Gether Gala Celebration Dinner


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