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We believe that sitting around a common table can always bring people together!

AROUND THE TABLE is a series of dinner-events delivering the tradition of round-table conversations of the 19th century coffeehouse culture on a monthly basis. The aim is to create a community that has a wide interest in any actual topics such as art, sustainable environment, cultural and social phenomena guided by special guests from the certain field of interest.

Our goal is to create and maintain a civil platform for Jewish young adults based on local and international cooperations. The forum is home of free thoughts, where members and visitors can discuss and meet personally with our special guests, such as scientists, artists, important representatives of their profession and field of interest. According to our purpose we are going to explore restaurants, cafes, bars together where we can meet, feel good, eat and drink together and where we can host our special guests to extend the circle.

The organizers of Around the Table are the volunteers of the international organization Partnership2Gether Western Galilee in Budapest.

Our goal is to develop a common platform where we can create joint projects with young adults from our partner communities.

You are welcome to join us! Contact us for more information.


Zsófi Princz, Hédi Pusztai, Endre Ozsvath, István Barsony

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