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Jewish Life in Budapest

In the years 1989-1990, following Hungary’s return to democracy from Communism, a true revival of Jewish life in Budapest began. Today synagogues, community centers, culture and education institutions, sport associations and Zionist organizations are once again active in Budapest.

Budapest is now the largest Jewish community in Hungary, and also in Central Europe, with 23 synagogues and prayer houses, a Jewish university, three secondary schools, three kindergartens, a hospital and two nursing homes, as well as several cemeteries.

The headquarters of national Jewish organizations are also located in Budapest. The two main congregations are the Neolog and the Orthodox. The Orthodox community also maintains several institutions, synagogues, cemeteries, schools, a Mikveh, and kosher food stores. Jewish festivals and cultural events are held in Budapest through the entire year. The Jewish Summer Festival has been one of the most prestigious music festivals in Hungary for over twenty years.

The Jewish district has an electic atmosphere as it is full with the historical remains of the Jewish community like the Dohány Synagogue being the second biggest in the entire world, but at the same time it is the center of the night life with happy locals and curious turists. There is no other district in Budapest where expats and locals mingle so much. The reasons should be obvious – the ruin bars, the cool dining spots and the creative vibes in the city.

Budapest has been present in P2G’s global Jewish network for more than ten years. Through the years and numerous successful joint programs, Budapest has become a true family member of our Partnership. Today participants from Budapest are present in all areas of P2G activities like education, academic relations, youth leadership, medical committee, art and more.

Written by Hedi Pusztai

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