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"Nu?" - Your Bi-Weekly Partnership Update (03/24/22)

Ukraine/Israel Update

Last time I wrote to you, I shared about Jonny, Bracha's and my meeting with Pnina Agenyah Falego, Director of Global Partnerships Network-The Jewish Agency for Israel. I received an email from Pnina today, as I am sure many of you have, announcing a Zoom update. Pnina's message: "As the war in Ukraine rages on, millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes, causing a humanitarian crisis not seen before in the 21st century. As bullets fly and buildings burn, The Jewish Agency for Israel continues to operate inside of Ukraine itself, with our staff putting their lives on the line to save others, in addition to operating at Ukraine’s borders with other nations. Join us at Monday March 28, 8:00pm IL time | 1:00pm EST for a live briefing with Roman Polonsky our Representative in Hungary, leading our facilities on the ground.

Meeting ID: 881 4593 0563

Also, as many of you know, Israel has set up a field hospital on the border of Ukraine and Poland. Dr. Assaf Shemesh, COO of the Jewish Hospital in Budapest, has been to the border, has set-up a clinic in Budapest at the hospital, and is assisting with the field hospital. He sent these pictures from friends arriving from Israel and at the field hospital.

What else happened this past week?

  • I returned from Israel. Just a reminder if you are going to Israel--check and double-check the COVID requirements as they change daily! I shlepped to Magen David Adom in Akko to get my PCR test only to find out when I got to the airport that I needed an antigen test. Had to grab a cab, go to the testing site, and back to the airport. Needless to say, no time for one last Aroma coffee!

  • I'm on my first road trip visit to Toledo! Had such a wonderful evening and first day meeting lots of staff and some volunteers. When asked "what is Partnership?" My response is, "I'm staying at Fagie's, of course, and she's making Shabbos." THIS IS PARTNERSHIP! What's YOUR Partnership?

  • Who do you know is not signed up for Jonny's and my weekly updates? Let us know and we'll add you to the list. In Toledo I signed up five members!

What's Coming Up? Complete list, check out the Partnership Calendar at

Be in touch! My email is & Cell: 817-266-1877 and I'm on WhatsApp.

Shabbat Shalom with prayers for peace.

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