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Gal Lusky - Real Life Wonder Woman

By Miriam Marcus

I had not heard of Israeli Flying Aid prior to joining the Partnership's program for the Global Day of Jewish Learning. As usual, Partnership offered up a fascinating program. Gal Lusky kept us enthralled with her stories of Chesed (loving kindness) and K'vod HaBriyot (honoring human life).

Ordinary Israeli people do anything in their power to save lives around the globe

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is a project by Limmud North America. The day brings Jewish communities together worldwide to encounter with Jewish ideas and our sacred text. During that day, thousands of Jews from hundreds of communities on six continents studied the Jewish value of human dignity in numerous events.

The theme of Human Dignity (K'vod HaBriyot) was chosen this year, and fortunately, Partnership was able to book Gal Lusky for us to share her mind blowing stories and provide us with some inspiration and stories about the good hearted Israelis who volunteer with her organization. These was exactly what we all need in these crazy times.

Gal is an amazing speaker and her presentation reminded me of both Wonder Woman and Jason Bourne, crossing borders under false identity and risking her life in order to do good in the world. I could have listened to her for hours. I encourage everyone to read more about Gal and her organization on their website and to support them in their mission.

Miriam Marcus is a member of North-West Indiana Jewish Federation, and a recipient of the Gesher Award 2017.

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