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Bridging Borders: A Music Collaboration Program for Israeli and US Students

On Sunday (February 18, 2024) we gathered for our second online session with Dana Kemack Goot (Indianapolis) to explore real-time music collaboration.

Participants from diverse Partnership communities, including students from the Western Galilee College, came together on Zoom to practice the song "Imagine." This collaborative experience through music was profound for every one.

There were 8 women in total - 4 from Israel, including 3 students from Western Galilee College and Oshrat Atias' daughter who played the flute beautifully. Oshrat, who works at the college, coordinated with the students. From the US, there were 4 participants joining from Louisville and Indianapolis, including Lisa Klein, who chairs of the Partnership committee in Louisville with her husband Robert.

Thank you, Dana, for facilitating this meaningful cross-cultural exchange. Practicing "Imagine" and concluding with "Hatikvah" was heartwarming and filled us with hope. Through music, we connected across borders as one community. We look forward to our next session!

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