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"Nu?" - Your weekly Partnership Update!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

My first "week in review" as the new U.S. Consortium Director. I'm beyond excited and quite nervous but I know where Bracha lives and where Jonny and the staff work!

My hope with our weekly correspondence that they will be interactive and shared with your colleagues, friends, and family. One important goal for me as your director is to connect our U.S. communities so that ideas and programs are shared and collaborative. That means, I need to hear from everyone!

I love photographing "windows to the world." I think this comes from my first career working and teaching in television. When television first entered a home's private space, some were afraid that they were being spied on, but, it was the other way around. Turn on the TV, and you enter the outside world. Who knows where this "window to the world" photograph was taken? I love this photo because there are so many little stories to tell and the view represents a special memory! Send me a photo of your "window to the world" and why it's important, and I will post them in a future "Nu?."

I am headed to the airport soon so I can arrive in Israel before Shabbos. As soon as I get my training on how to create my weekly, "Nu?", I will be better prepared. For now, I thank everyone for your support in my transition to Director of the U.S. Central Consortium and look forward to being in your community soon.

Marcy's coming to visit your community

  • Israel - March 3-17

  • Toledo - March 23-26

  • Fort Wayne - March 27-28

  • Omaha - April 2-5 (with Golan Rozenberg and LaDona Fishkin, our new Israeli and U.S. Community Engagement Co-Chairs)

  • Des Moines - April 5-7 (with Golan and LaDona)

  • What's happened in your community this past week? Let me know and I will share.

Be in touch! My email is & Cell: 817-266-1877 and I'm on WhatsApp.

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