Sharon Chait

Director, Partnership2Gether





Sharon was brought up on a small moshav (farming community) in the
western Negev. She received her B.A. in Food Science from the Hebrew
University in Jerusalem.
to the United States in 1993 she worked in product development
and project management at Pepsi Cola before returning to academia to
receive her Master's in Food Studies (cum laude) from the New York
University School of Education. Thereafter, she coordinated Israel oriented
programs for the Westchester Jewish Council until returning to Israel in 2011.
Sharon joined the Jewish Agency in February 2017 as founder and Director
of the new partnership between Zichron Yaakov and South Palm Beach
County, Florida While doing that, she was also interim director for Central
Galilee Detroit for 7 months in 2018. She serves as director for
the Western Galilee Central US consortium since June 2019.
Sharon has been involved in various communal and nonprofit endeavors, including Ma'ase Association, which
empowers youth at risk, as well as the Women Cook for Peace program at
Giv'at Haviva Center for a Shared Society.
Sharon resides in Zichron
Yaakov and has three children.