Jonny Whine

Partnership2Gether Western Galilee, Director




Originally from London, Jonny made Aliyah, aged 25, twenty years ago and lived with his Israeli wife, Michal, in Jerusalem for 9 years. For most of his professional career Jonny have worked in Experiential Jewish Education with a variety of organizations from Israel and around the world.

Eleven years ago, when his wife and three children (aged 15,14 and 9 years old), he moved to Kibbutz Hannaton in the Galil, to be part of a small group of young families who were dedicated to saving the almost bankrupt kibbutz. After working as the Kibbutz Community Director and helping to bring the kibbutz back to success, he studied and worked as a graphic designer for a number of years as a way to find an outlet for my creative and artistic drive. Most recently Jonny worked as the Director of the Carmiel branch of 'Kol Ami - The Jewish Peoplehood Leadership Academy', run by the Jewish Agency. In his spare time he likes to run and mountain bike in the beautiful Galil countryside and to develop his carpentry hobby.