Hedi Pusztai

Young Adults and Budapest Relations.




Hedi Pusztai, born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Her grandparents are Holocaust survivors, yet her family is not close to Judaism, and she discovered her Jewish identity as a young adult. Hedi studied literature and linguistics at ELTE University, Budapest. After her studies, she went on Birthright trip to Israel. Since then she has been taking an active role in the Jewish community life of Budapest. Joining the team of the Israeli Cultural Institute (ICI), home for several organizations associated with the Jewish Agency for Israel in Hungary, she has been working as a program coordinator of Partnership2Gether since 2006. In addition to coordinating the Hungarian participation in our P2G programs, Hedi is responsible for the Young Adults Committee and the SlidingDors and Café Anglit+ programs.

On a personal note: "I have no family yet, but I have a naughty dog, Pacsnika. I like singing, teaching, reading poems, travelling and hiking, or inviting friends to celebrate Jewish holidays together."