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Dr. Marcy L. Paul

US Central Consortium Director




Marcy L. Paul, PhD began serving as the P2G U.S. Consortium Director in February 2022. Marcy reignited her passion for work with the Jewish community after spending thirty years in higher education. Her first time in Israel was the summer of 1973 with the first Reform Movement confirmation near the Kotel. Her second experience in Israel was in 1976 to study abroad at Haifa University. Marcy did not return to Israel until 2015 when she participated in a Jewish Leadership program through the Jewish Federation in Fort Worth, where she had lived for 25 years. Culminating a year of learning, participants went to Israel and during the visit to the Partnership in the Western Galilee, she found her passion and never looked back. Since that one short visit, Marcy became a P2G volunteer, attended Summits, Council of Communities, was the U.S. co-chair for the academic committee and served on the Management committee. She also co-chaired the book club and co-facilitated the first Partnership academic conference in Budapest. Furthermore, Marcy incorporates her PhD in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies to do additional work with the P2G Women Leading a Dialogue program and SlidingDors. Marcy loves to get in her car and visit our partnership communities as well as her partner, Andrew, who lives in Rochester, New York and her son, Isaac, who is completing his doctoral studies at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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